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All custom made products are from raw materials. In the case of a custom made footwear or custom foot orthotic, the term custom made can only be used when a three dimensional image of the foot is used to capture bony alignment and shape, and the final product is manufactured from raw materials. We use both 3D scans and custom molds. This device can be further modified and used to provide cushioning, pressure relief, redistribute load and accommodate deformity (a self-molded product is not considered custom molded).

A professional pedorthic

assessment includes a history taking, bony palpation, range of motion testing, gait analysis, and footwear consultation. A doctor may prescribe an orthopaedic shoe to ease the medical condition or to prevent it from getting worse. A doctor's diagnosis of a medical condition and a prescription for footwear required for that condition may be eligible for benefit claims for custom orthopaedic shoes from their Health Insurance company.

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